IT Jobs For Veterans

Average Salary for Graduates is $70,000!

Five organizations are working together in a regional partnership, IT Jobs for Veterans, to connect Veterans who have recently finished their military service with careers in high-growth, high-demand Information Technology (IT) fields.


A $150,000.00 Workforce Investment Act Rapid Response Assistance grant awarded to the Alexandria/Arlington Workforce Investment Board by Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and Virginia’s Community College System is funding this partnership between Alexandria City, Arlington County, Virginia Employment Commission, Northern Virginia Community College, and Acentia. Acentia, a private employer, is representing the local IT industry and will assist in coordinating the hiring of this program’s graduates.


“There is a huge demand for a credentialed IT workforce locally,” said Arlington County Board Chair Walter Tejada. “And for all that our Veterans have done for us it is an honor to be able to provide them with the support that they need to access these IT career opportunities.”


This innovative partnership is expected to serve more than 50 veterans over an 18 month period. All of the program’s education, certification, and job training activities are fully covered by this grant.


“We have worked to make Virginia the best state for military families to live and find work after they finish their service,” said Governor McDonnell. “I am pleased to announce another cost-effective strategy to serve those Veterans and their families. By knocking down walls between programs and agencies and leveraging the great work these terrific organizations serving Veterans already do, we can better help our heroes find good-paying jobs and promising careers.”


Veterans and employers interested in learning more about the IT Jobs for Veterans program should contact




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Universal Design in the Workplace

Universal design is the “design” of products and environments to be usable by anyone, not just individuals with disabilities, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. For the workplace, universal design is an approach that accommodates jobseekers and employees with disabilities through workplace design, while also reducing risks for employees who may develop disabilities during their career.


Universal Design is an innovative business strategy that enhances workplace efficiencies and provides the best accommodation for all employees. Universal Design stations are accessible for people who have mobility, visual, auditory, speech, learning or language needs. For more information, please go to



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